Modern interior: Inspire and collect ideas at

If you are looking for a new facility for the living room or bedroom, or for your entire living space, your home, house or apartment, your office or your yacht, it is worthwhile stopping by in the showrooms of the interior design business in Zurich, because here everything revolves around the theme of interior design.

- from the flooring to the furniture to the decoration. Professional furnishing consultants will assist you with advice and assistance, give tips and answer all your questions about planning, interior design and general furnishings.

Establishment as a concept

The special feature of interior design ideas is that they all follow a concept, which is why the furniture, beds, curtains, lamps, textiles, decorative items, accessories and other furnishing components are particularly well matched in color and style. owner Dominique Brunner can inspire anyone who wants to live in a particularly stylish and tasteful way, with the idea of following a certain motto by setting up rooms and matching the objects accordingly. The range of different concepts is enormous, from minimalist and simple to rustic to sumptuous and luxurious, there is something for every taste. The arrangement of objects in concepts does not mean that they absolutely have to adopt the ideas of and can only buy the set as a set. You can also purchase any piece of furniture directly and context-free at

Only the best for your facility

In order to offer their customers the best quality, Dominique Brunner and his seven-strong pure living team cooperate not only with well-known manufacturers of exquisite furniture and unique furnishings, but also with numerous specialists such as fitters, electricians, floorers, kitchen builders, painters and many more. After all, not only takes ready-made furniture and thus sets up standardized rooms, but takes over the entire architecture for your planning and interior design at your request, whereby of course the realization of your personal wishes and individual ideas is the stated goal of the And with all the possibilities given to you by, this will certainly be achieved.