promemoria: stylish furniture for the fashion conscious

in the furnishing concepts, furniture from the italian luxury furniture brand promemoria can be found again and again, expressing with their elegance and attention to detail exactly what stands for:

living with style and pure well-being in your own home. no wonder then that dominique brunner and his staff are happy to use promemoria furniture when setting up their customers' villas, houses or apartments.

especially as there is plenty of choice for a wide range of rooms, as the promemoria range includes desks, office chairs and more for a study, as well as dining tables with matching chairs, sofas, bookshelves, side tables and exquisite furniture for the living room. you can also furnish your bedroom and other rooms with furniture from promemoria, and will provide you with the appropriate ideas.

however, a beautiful furnishing is not everything when it comes to living quality and style. even selected, skilfully used decorative items belong to a harmonious and complete interior design. promemoria delivers the right objects for this - everything designed in the absolutely unique promemoria style.

pure quality: only the finest materials at promemoria

all furniture from promemoria was lovingly crafted by experienced specialists and can be felt with different senses. because the wood, the various processed textiles, metals and woods are not only different in their appearance, but also all feel special and in their own way pleasant, if one strokes with the finger over the surfaces.

the choice of materials is very strict at promemoria and it is only used which is really beautiful and of undoubtedly first-class quality. for example, national or exotic woods such as the tuscan cypress, succupira or macassar ebony are used, often combined with precious metals such as bronze, copper or silver. when it comes to textiles - such as sofa covers or lampshades - promemoria offers elegant fabrics such as silk, linen or cashmere.