Minotti for exquisite sofas and armchairs cultivates a close partnership with the Italian brand Minotti, named after its founder Alberto Minotti, who stands above all for upholstery and other sofas of the highest comfort, timeless design and longevity.

After the founder had founded his company as a craft business, it took industrial dimensions a few years later. Minotti became really famous - not only in Italy but worldwide - when Alberto's sons Roberto and Renato took over the management of the company in the 1970s.

Ultramodern machines today produce the Minotti products with the precision of the finest craftsmanship - with the highest quality "Made in Italy", which the Minotti brothers and their employees understand as their motto. The suppliers of all materials come from the catchment area of Minotti's!

The Minotti sofas and armchairs are an ideal match for the furnishing concepts, because, like them, the Minotti furniture is characterized by a unique and incomparable characteristic, giving each room a pleasant, unique and cozy feeling of living. In addition, Minotti furniture is so versatile that it can become part of a wide variety of concepts.


Minotti furniture as an important part of furnishing concepts

It is no wonder that the founder Dominique Brunner and his team trust in the Minotti furniture, the exquisite pieces are characterized by loving details and tasteful colors as well as made from selected Italian materials.

Above all, the leather, which Minotti obtains exclusively from certified animal owners, is something very special in this Italian house of good taste - real tailoring that emphasizes the shapes of the objects and thus gives them their own identity.


Minotti furniture looks graceful and noble, without looking exaggeratedly flamboyant. It is the tightrope walk between attention to detail and simplicity that makes Minotti so perfect and because of which the Italian furniture is so incomparable. In addition to the exquisite and elegant sofas, armchairs and upholstered chairs Minotti also supplies the matching counterpart, such as tables, side tables, console tables and bookshelves, which stylistically, of course, perfectly matched to the seating.

And textiles such as bedding and carpets, for which Minotti uses high-quality fabrics - including cotton, silk, cashmere, linen and leather - are part of every Minotti collection.