schramm beds at lying comfortably and living tastefully

when it comes to furnishing the bedroom, dominique brunner and his team are more than happy to recommend designer beds by schramm, a 160-person company based in the small town of winnweiler in rheinland-pfalz under the leadership of axel schramm. there are two good reasons for this, because the schramm beds are not only beautiful and come in a timeless and exclusive style, but also stand for an excellent and guaranteed, high quality of sleep.

the basis of a healthy and comfortable sleep is - in the truest sense of the word - the mattress, the actual core business of schramm. here, schramm uses the tried-and-tested two-mattress system, which is constantly being further developed and perfected.

restful sleep as a stated goal

the aim of schramm sleep system is to optimally support every body weight and every single part of the body, for example, the shoulders, and thus to ensure a good, restful sleep. for this purpose, steel springs are installed in different thicknesses in the spring mattresses - and this is not just simple springs, but by oven thermally optimally tempered twelve-speed springs, also material of the highest quality. in order to produce a copy of the highest quality variety of these mattresses, a skilled worker needs about 10 working days full of concentrated, fine and detailed manual work and indeed the production at schramm is done almost exclusively by hand - this is a remarkable exception and patented!

exclusive designer beds

now schramm beds are not only high quality and comfortable, but also characterized by an incomparable, exclusive design. after all, at schramm, the motto is that a bed is more than just a piece of furniture - it is an expression of individuality and, in fact, a schramm bed says a lot about its owner. sense of style, sensuality and well-being, for example, or the demand for the highest possible quality when it comes to one's own body. every detail of the schramm bed models is full of loving details, and that's why these designer beds also go so well with the interior design concepts of

if you are looking for a new bed, a new bedroom furniture or a complete interior design for your living room, then it pays off to visit the showroom in zurich. here you can experience the schramm beds integrated into the furnishing ideas of creative head dominique brunner and not only acquire them directly, but also get lots of ideas and a professional advice on the subject of bedrooms and interior design.